Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up, some parents struggle with what to get their spouse. Some go the tech way, some go the DIY way, and some get items that have meaning and sentimental value.

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I personally try to go with the DIY way with our son, as its adorable when a toddler is creating gifts for others. However, DIY is not for everyone. It’s easy to come up with ideas, but sometimes it is hard to execute. I remember when I wanted to create baby footprint’s for our son’s first Christmas. It was inexpensive, as I had the ingredients at home, but it was difficult to implant, but I got it.

Kiefer has always been a tough guy to shop for. He seems like he has everything, but always has a difficult time trying to tell me what he wants. I mean come on, how is it hard to tell me what you want. He is a gamer, a baseball fan, and is into also cars.

I tend to always get him MLB games every year, but he always tends to put those games aside when a brand new game he is into comes out on the systems. He has always wanted to get back into baseball, but our son is a little too young to properly play.

Anyways, the gift for dad doesn’t have to be perfect. It can always be homemade by your kids, or even something small. The gift can always show how much you care about them. Here are my Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day.

#1 – Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is perfect for those who don’t want warm laps. It has an ergonomic rise to help alleviate back and neck pain, as well as reducing eye strain creating extra space giving you the option to work without any clutter on your desk. It also as an adjustable computer holder with built-in legs, which you can adjust it’s height and store your keyboard, mouse, files, pencils underneath it; as well as an adjustable phone tray for easy access to your phone, help to release your hand when watching. This laptop stand contains heat cooling rubber tips and a hollowed out design to allow for ventilation and more airflow to keep your computer cooler.

#2 – FitBit

I use Fitbit to track my sleep score, my breaths, and my heart rate. Fitbit uses an app where you can keep track of everything from water intake to calorie counting. If you also purchase the Fitbit Aria scale as well, you can keep track of your weight journey. They have multiple different versions from ones that don’t track your heart rate to ones that can even send text messages. I used to have the very old one that didn’t have a display, and that got me hooked from the start. Now I have the FitBit Inspire HR which tracks my heart rate, the steps I have taken every day, as well as the calories burned. After 10,000 steps or whatever goal you set, it shows little videos or banners to congratulate you on reaching your goal.

#3 – Oculus Quest 2

This is for the gamer dad, one who wants to get immersive with their games. This version of Oculus is backwards compatible. Easy setup, meaning just take it out of the box, set up your facebook, download the free Oculus app and be immersive. Yes the games do cost extra, but they have a wide variety of games from bone chilling horror to immersive puzzles.

#4 – Yeti

Yeti makes a wide variety of different tumblers. From big water bottles to small camping wine glass tumblers. My husband uses his bottle from Yeti for his work (he works construction), and sure there is a dent in it, but it holds up very well, doesn’t leak and keeps liquids cold for hours. Not only that, they have interchangeable lids! From chug lids, to straw lids, and then coffee lids. They also come in a variety of different colours.

#5 – Blue Light Glasses

This is for the parents who are always on their devices or working from home. These blue light glasses filter out the harmful blue light to help reduce dry eyes, helps promote better sleep as well as eye fatigue. Not only that, it helps prevent those awful electronic migraines. If I didn’t have my blue light filter on my glasses, I would have a migraine before even half the day was done. They help so much.

#6 – Chemex Pour Over Coffee Carafe

This carafe is with patented pour over design that is meant for reheating and covering without loosing flavour. The borosilicate glass is high quality and of non-porous design that will make sure your coffee doesn’t absorb other flavours. It is easy to use with the filters and helps brew 5 oz. of coffee. Perfect for those that don’t want to share their coffee.

#7 – Fellow Stagg Stovetop Pour Over Kettle

Functionality meets modernity. This stovetop kettle has a sleek design as well as comes in silver, copper, matte black and matte white finish. With a new V1.3 precision pour spout with fluted tip that is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate. It also has a precision brew range thermometer that brews the right temperature for tea and coffee, so your coffee tastes just like the baristas make.

#8 – Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

This device helps the parents with tired feet after a long day of working and parenting. All those long hours on your feet can cause strain on them. The foot massager alleviates pain and improves blood flow to your feet. After use, your feet might feel sore, but that because your feet is getting used to being pampered. The unique shiatsu nodes and massage technique help relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, diabeties, chronic pain, muscle tension, tough knots, and other aches and pains as well. They also offer one year full coverage on all of their products from the date of purchase.

#9 – Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Display

This is for the parents who love to show off their kids (or grandkids) to everyone they meet or have over for drinks. this brings the functionality of having all your photos digitalized and helps prevent from bringing out the photo albums to embarrass the kids. Its smart, that you can also send photos to other smart displays to help show off other photos as well. It’s wall mountable, as well as can be either landscape or portrait angles. The display offers a digital app that allows you to control which photos you want displayed or even for different seasons.

#10 – Hot Sauce Making Kit

We all know those people. The ones who love to throw hot sauce over everything. Kiefer is one of them. So is my father-in-law, and my brother-in-law. The say its not hot enough, and they need hotter. Hell, the ghost pepper McChicken burger at McDonalds wasn’t hot enough. With this kit, they and your loved ones are able to make their own. They can make it as spicy as they want. It has a Scoville unit of 500+ and comes with 3 different varieties of peppers including ghost pepper.

This concludes the list for this year. Father’s Day isn’t just about dad’s. It’s about those who helped take care of you regardless of their blood, those you care about like a dad and of course your significant other. Let’s make this year the best one!

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