The New Normal

Can you imagine a world where most of us had to go to a physical workplace before? No? Neither can I. Since the pandemic broke out last March, we had to figure out how to still earn money. So we ended up with our new normal. Working from home. I mean I still got jobs where I had to go to a physical location.

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I worked in a liquor store where after 3 months, they put me on call. So, in all technicality, I was never fired, but because I was not earning any money. I worked at Amazon for 5 months before I needed to leave. From there, everything spiralled. For the time being, it was my new normal. Constantly having to make excuses on why I couldn’t work.

Not only that, I had a house to take care of, plus a 3-year-old. Daycare had set it set up that he would be dropped off at 6:30, and I would make the shuttles. But I couldn’t even do that. I felt like a failure. My depression got worse, and so did my anxiety.

I started thinking of ways where I could still be at home and take care of my son, and work. My husband convinced me to start this blog. I was constantly finding ways to help supplement the income that we lost when I stopped working at Amazon. You can learn more here.

Working From Home

I chose to start a website, not because I wanted to earn money, but because I wanted to write about my life experiences with parenting and battling mental health, with some recipes on the side.

As a parent, I wanted to be able to stay at home, take care of the place, and take care of my son. I wasn’t able to put him in preschool last year because I was working at Amazon, but because I work from home now, I am able to get a kickstart on his education before he starts kindergarten next year.

My schedule for working on this website is a little hectic as I have to deal with the household first. I struggle with waking up early, due to insomnia. At night, I was struggling with falling asleep because of it. Staying up late, not falling asleep until 3 in the morning, then having to wake up at 5 to get my husband ready for work. Then I had to try and stay awake because Lukas was getting up at 6 in the morning.

In May of 2021, I started my website on SiteGround. I got a hell of a deal. Right now, SiteGround is offering $4.99/month to get started with their StartUp plan. For this price, you get free SSL, daily backup, free email, and unlimited databases. My website is hosted by SiteGround but managed by WordPress.

SiteGround has allowed me to keep up to date with all my work, with daily backups if I need it or when something goes wrong on my site. Whenever something goes wrong that I don’t understand, I contact their support chat and they answer immediately and they are available 24/7.

Through SiteGround, I use WordPress. This has allowed me to keep my site updated, use of themes, and the use of plugins that help with the site functionality. Currently my theme is Cafe Cafeteria. In the future, I may purchase a paid version of a theme for better functionality.

New Normal Update

It’s now August of 2021, I have had my second vaccination towards the COVID-19, and am patiently waiting for my son to be able to have his own. I have been working from home since May, technically since February, and I am patiently waiting to see if my blog is proving fruitful.

So far, it isn’t a get rich quick position, but it works. It helps me get out my passion for writing. Typing everything also helps with my wrist as it isn’t in an awkward position, unlike with a pen.

I have been waiting patiently for Ezoic to approve my site to get started for monetization. In the meanwhile, I have started positions with different companies, in order to get my foot in the door.

Let me know in the comments below, what else you would like to see from me.

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