The Best Low-cost or Free Date Ideas

We all enjoy having dates, especially when we don’t have kids. However, when we have kids, it seems like we can never get away from them just to enjoy a few hours of alone time with our significant other. Sometimes, we think frugally and try to save some money when it comes to date nights, but its always good to have some times where you splurge on just the right time, like on an anniversary. Here are my ideas of just a few free or low-cost date ideas that might help you regain some of that sanity.

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1. Low- Cost Parks

When you live in a rural area or even an urban area, you might have some parks around that you can make a little picnic out of it. Heck, you can even make it a family date. Round up the kids, gather up some yummy snacks and lunch, and head to your nearest park. You can play some games with your family or even be kids again and push your significant other on the swing (Or even try to out swing them).

There are different parks around where I live where you can go hiking, bring the kids to the water park, or even just sit at the beach. Tynehead Regional Park has some great trails that can go for miles, if you choose the right one. Close to the park is a discovery centre where you and the kids (if you choose) can learn about the different animals in the park that surrounds them. We went there during the pandemic, and it was beautiful, walking along the forest, getting the kids to look for certain nature items and animals.

Bear Creek Park is another great park, with 2 playgrounds, a water park, a pool, a free strength training gym, and a track. They also have a train for you to go on, if you decide to bring the kids. This does cost money to go on, around (don’t quote me on this) $15 CAD. Every summer, my husband and I take our son to the park and watch him splash around in the water park, while we look on, spending some quality time together. Periodically, we will get up and splash around with him, but he has so much fun running around with the other kids.

2. Low-Cost Game Nights

If you’re an avid gamer, whether it be through board games or even through video games, then this idea might be for you! There are plenty of games that you can do 2-players or even do a double date night with some other couple friends.

I like to recommend Jenga as a multiplayer game as you can play with multiple people and still have fun. Some people have even gone to the lengths of making their own blocks that included spots for jello shots for a great party!

Not only can you do personal games, you can do a virtual game night as well. Playing with 2 player games, well, you get the idea. My husband and I love to play Mario Party when our son went to bed. It may not be much but those are like little dates to us.

3. Low-Cost Camping

Now I know what you’re thinking, “How can camping be possibly low-cost?” Well, if you have a tent or even make a fort out of your couch, you can camp. You can take your tent out into the backyard, if you have one, and set it up. You can also have a little fire pit going and cook smores and other treats by the fire, if you don’t have a fire ban in your city.

The other option is to create a fort when your kids are in bed, with your couch, like the one below.

Low-cost camping

All you have to do is grab a few chairs, a large blanket, and some pillows to set it up your way. Everyone has their own ideas about how to build a fort, but I am sure that you’ll come up with a few ideas. Best of all, you can take this idea into consideration with your kids.

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4.Low-Cost Libraries/Bookstores

If you have a reader as your partner, you might want to make a date at the bookstore or the library. They will appreciate the gesture. The library is free to borrow books, as wel as purchase some books for a low cost. A great place to get some good books for a cheaper price is thrift stores, or even used bookstores. These places have books that aren’t expensive and usually the books are in great condition.

I am a book nerd, my husband is not, however, he will go out of his way to buy me books, or even go into the bookstore so I can look around the store. I consider it a win! My husband is a gamer, so we do what he likes sometimes as well. We love to wait until our son is in daycare, or in bed before we do anything, as we don’t usually let him have sleep overs at anybodies house.

5. Low-Cost Coffee Date

Ah, remember the times when you were dating your SO and you met them for coffee? Well, you can keep that tradition going by surprising them with a coffee date. All you have to do is make sure that your kids are taken care of and all you need to do is take your SO down to your nearest coffee shop, order 2 cups and sit down and talk like the good old times.

IF you aren’t a fan of coffee, then you can always substitute coffee for another drink of your preference. I know this because my husband isn’t a fan of coffee or tea, but prefers a spiced tea like Chai or even a white hot chocolate. I love coffee, even iced coffee. We couldn’t be even more different. We make it work. Sure we get into little fights every so often, but when we take the time to have little dates like these, that don’t cost a lot, then we make time for our relationship.

6. Low-Cost Berry Picking

Its summer time as I am writing this, which means its the perfect time to go berry picking. Some places charge by the bucket and some charge by the pound. Its truly up to you where you go, but I prefer the Krause Berry Farms in Langley, BC. If Im not berry picking, I can browse their store full of homemade items, and desserts. They have ice creams, pies, fresh honey, etc.

Another farm that I love to go to is Driedeger Farms. They don’t have the whole shop thing like Krause, but they are family owned. I went to school with their daughter. You can always leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa, and take your SO with you berry picking if you have a vehicle. These aren’t places easily accessible by transit.

In reality, a marriage or partnership doesn’t go the greatest when there isn’t effort put in. I should know. I used to put no effort into my relationship and look where it got me. It got me nowhere, and on untrustful terms with my husband. Im glad he took me back, but at the same time I tell myself that I am not worthy enough for this amount of love.

When you put in effort, your relationship/partnership thrives. It helps you go places. When you support them, they support you. It works both ways. I hope this article helps you choose some of the few low cost ideas for your partnership dates. Let me know anymore ideas in the comments below!

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