Parenting with ADHD

Adhd is a mental health disorder that causes above normal levels of hyperactivity and impulsive behaviours. Adhd stand for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There is another one that is similar but without the hyperactivity, called ADD.

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When I first met Kiefer, he let me know that he had ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), Oppositional Defiant Disorder(ODD) as well as ADD. I didn’t care because it doesn’t change who he is as a person. Little did we know, we would also be raising a child with potential ADHD.

Now Lukas isn’t diagnosed yet but there were signs that we see and researched that pointed towards it. Not only that, I am undiagnosed as well. So as parents with ADHD/ADD, its difficult to parent.

We get frustrated easily as Lukas defies us at every turn, he has no concept for danger, and is always running off. We had to invest in a harness that straps to his chest, and to our wrist. We would have gotten the wrist tether, however, he was able to pull it off.

In order to keep our little runaway safe, we have to use a harness.

There are many different signs that made us question whether or not he has ADHD. I will explain more about the signs we saw below.

Difficulty Paying Attention

In school-age children, there is signs that may seem normal for toddlers, such as; inability to focus on one activity, trouble completing tasks before getting bored, difficulty listening due to distractions, and problems processing and implementing instructions.

Lukas has many of these. Whenever we try to talk to him about his behaviour, he gets distracted and talking about other things.

We give him one instruction, like cleaning his room, and he gets distracted by a toy or he gets confused when we give him multiple instructions.

Fidgeting and Squirming

  • Being overly fidgety and squirmy
  • Having an inability to sit still for calm activities or having books read to them
  • Talking or making noise excessively
  • Running from toy to toy, or constantly in motion

Looking at Lukas, the only time he is not constantly moving is when he is on his tablet, or he is sleeping.

My son is always talking, and when he doesn’t get a response, he starts screaming or hitting. He will play with one toy then he will get distracted with another toy, and then start playing with the second toy that he got distracted with. Then the cycle continues.


I believe impulsivity is within everybody. Impulsivity is when you are extremely impatient with someone or when you impulsively buy something. Here are some signs of impulsivity for ADHD:

  • Displaying extreme impatience with others
  • Refusing to wait their turn with other children
  • Interrupting others when they are talking
  • Blurting out comments unnecessarily or not at the right times
  • Have difficulty controlling their emotions
  • Being prone to outbursts
  • Intruding on others playing, rather than asking to join.

When we look at Lukas and the way he acts, it seems like he is being a typical toddler/preschooler. When my husband and I are talking about what the plans are for the weekend or the next day, he loves to interject and put in his two-cents. We do, however, try to include him in our plans about what he wants to do.

Not only that, when one of us is doing something important, like cooking dinner, or even doing some house work, he has to interrupt us by asking a question thats not related to the topic.

Everytime we go to Tim Hortons, we have to wait in line. During the current situation, there are round circle stickers on the floor to help with social distancing, so I ask him to stand on the current circle we are near, but he cannot stay still. He will constantly try to budge through people in line, because he desperately wants his sprinkle donut and apple juice.

Other Signs of ADHD

Like I said before, a lot of these signs can also be very normal for someone of our sons age. These last few signs, helped really point towards ADHD in our son and we will get him tested as soon as possible.

  • Aggressive behaviour when playing
  • Lack of caution with strangers
  • overly bold behaviour
  • endangering oneself, or others due to fearlessness
  • Inability to hop on one foot by age 4


We concluded that our son has ADHD, but we haven’t gotten him diagnosed yet. The doctor and I are keeping a close eye, as well as his daycare teachers. We concluded this because my husband was diagnosed with it at an early age.

If you suspect your child has some of these signs, I highly recommend that you talk to your medical professional.

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