My Wonderful Schedule With A Neurodivergent Child

When it comes to a neurodivergent family, you need routine and a constant flow of activities to keep them preoccupied for a long period of time. However a neurotypical schedule is based on normal things, like eating, working (or school), eat and then sleeping, which repeats itself.

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For me my schedule is varied every day, depending on where my son is going to that day. Right now, he is 4 so he goes to preschool and daycare. He attends preschool from 9:30 am PST to about 12:30 pm PST. He gets picked up by a small bus and dropped off at home.

Our schedule, as I said varies but is consistent every week. I let him know when there might be changes in our routine as I know them. This is why I have finally convinced my husband to let me know when there might be changes or new events happening. That way I can write it down in our big calendar and notify our son about those changes.

Neurodivergent Schedules

Neurodivergency comes in many forms. From ADHD all the way to Autism and more. In a previous post, Parenting With ADHD, I mentioned that my son isn’t diagnosed as having Adhd, however from that post we have finally gotten a referral to a child psychologist.

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Neurodivergent schedules rotate around routine. If anything threatens that routine, it ends up going haywire. In some cases, some people end up with scrolling paralysis, which is when they sit in one spot endlessly scrolling through social media. I am no expert on the differences between neurodivergency, however, I have looked upon thousands of websites, tik toks of people who have been diagnosed as well as doctors who have told me about the different symptoms.

My husband’s schedule has been the same for the past 7 years we have been together. Wake up at 5 am, leave the house around quarter to 6, and head to work. Then he finishes work around 3 pm and heads home and is usually home around 4/4:30 pm. The only thing that changes for him is what we do on weekends and when he has to go to a new site for work.

When we make the effort to accommodate these schedules, we make sure that we are lining these people up for success in the world, as well as the workforce. Everyone can benefit from setting routines and schedules.

My Schedule in the New Year

I always talk about different schedules and how I have one. However, I don’t currently have a set schedule and I want to change that. We want to be able to plan our days and schedule time with family in advance.

Currently, my mother-in-law and other family members love to show up unannounced or call to come over literally last minute. We want to be able to have time to be a family and grow a bond with each other.

What I want our schedule to look like besides my husband’s schedule is this:

5:00 Make Kiefer’s lunch

5:30 Get Kiefer ready for work

5:45 Send Kiefer out the door and go back to bed.

7:30 Wake up

7:45 Breakfast

8:00 Watch some cartoons/tidy up

8:45 Get ready for Preschool/Daycare

9:00 Drop Lukas off at daycare

9:15/9:30 Lukas gets picked up for preschool/I start tidying up some more

9:30/9:45 – 11:00 work on blog/promoting new journals/workbooks, take something out for dinner

11:00- 12:45 start laundry/Lukas gets dropped off between 12:45 and 1 pm

1:00 lunch/ switch laundry/ focus on making new products

1:30 some relaxation time with reading, crochet or some other hobby I am into at the time. Read with Lukas/practice writing with him

2:00 switch laundry, fold and put away.

3:00 If there is still tidying up to do, then finish up and get ready to pick Lukas up from Daycare.

3:30 Pick Lukas up from Daycare

3:45 Start dinner and have Lukas play quietly in his room

4:00 Kiefer comes home, continue making dinner, let Kiefer relax for about 15 minutes

4:30/4:45 finish making dinner and eat together as a family. (Lukas is still a picky eater so I would probably make something for him as well)

5:00 Blog, read and work on promotions

7:00 get Lukas ready for bed

7:30 put Lukas to bed

7:45 spend some quality time with Kiefer building up a bond/ working together to tidy up from dinner

8:30-9:45 Relaxation time with things that I love

10:00 get ready and go to bed.

We hope to continue and make improvments on the schedule

This is what I hope our schedule is going to be like from Monday to Friday. Saturday’s and Sunday’s would be more family quality time together, doing things together like going out to parks, watching movies together or even playing some games.

Kiefer and I would also work on some educational things with Lukas to get him ready for Kindergarten as that is 9 months away. There are a lot of things we have to do in January like getting him signed up for baseball, and registering him for kindergarten.

What kind of schedules do you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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