How Entertaining Kids During Summer Vacation Works

Summer Vacation. Some parents dread it, some parents look forward to it. Me personally, I enjoy looking forward to summer vacation, because I can bring my son to different places that are only available during the summer. This is the time to come up with ideas for entertaining kids.

I know there are parents out there that dread it because they have to think about what to do with their kids during this time. This time meaning the inevitable summer vacation, the break from school.

Loads of parents have to figure out camps, daycares, and activities during this time so that they can also continue working. Soon, like next year, I will have to start thinking about what I can do with my son during those breaks from school.

There are many different ways to entertain your kids during the summer and some are no-cost. I will try to keep this post as cost-efficient as possible.

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Entertaining with Outdoor Games

One way to entertain your kids is with games. Be it board games, lawn games or even pool games. There are many varieties of games.

One pool game you can play is Marco Polo. Marco Polo is a hide-and-seek game of sorts in the pool. One person is Marco and the rest swim around avoiding the person who is it. The person who is it shout or says “Marco” and the rest of the players shout or say “Polo”. The It person then has to find the other players with their eyes closed while continually saying “Marco”.

With lawn games you have a variety of different games, from lawn darts to badmintion. My husband and I love to play badmintion together, however now that we have our son, we try to find games that includes our child. Those games include lawn darts, lawn bowling, bean bags/cornhole, and as well giant jenga!

I will admit I have only tried the original Jenga as well as the earthquake Jenga. I will talk more about these in the board games/indoor games.

There are a lot of different varieties of games that you can play outside with friends, family and your kids.

Entertaining with Indoor Games

The number of indoor games is endless. From board games to card games, and building blocks, you are going to be able to entertain your children all summer long. The best thing about indoor games is that you can also play them during the rainy months as well.

If you and your spouse are gamers, there are multiplayer games, from Minecraft to Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch, as well as Little Big Planet on PS4.

I love board games. My husband and I collect Monopoly games, and we have around 10-12 of them. The joys of collecting different Monopoly games is that every game has different variations of the rules. Our favourite is Gamer Monopoly Mario Edition.

You have to go around the board collecting tokens, buying property and every time you pass Go, you have to battle an enemy. It is so fun. The game is also really quick compared to the other Monopoly’s.

A few years ago, before my son, my husband and I bought Jenga Quake. You play the game like regular Jenga, however, you have to do it quickly before the board that the blocks sit on, quakes. If you have anxiety, then I don’t recommend this game.

When having younger kids, like preschoolers and younger, though you could also do this with older kids as well, learning games can be made fun. Whether its through matching to build-up brain muscle, or math equations, you can make the process seem more like a game, than actual learning.

There are different variety of games that you can get off of Amazon or even in store at your local Target or Walmart. Yeti in My Spaghetti is a new game based off of a sticks and marbles game I used to play when I was younger. You have to pull the noodles without dropping the Yeti.

Imagination and Crafts

Every child has imagination. They go through the different phases of pretending their stuffed animals talk to them, or that the floor is lava. It’s amazing to see what they come up with. My son loves to pretend that he works with Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

When making up stories, use their imagination to see where the story goes, make puppets with a little craft and have a puppet show, or even read stories to them to build up that imagination more.

Not every child will want to do crafts, some would rather just sit on the floor, watch TV or play with their toys. Do not despair! Its just a phase, some toddlers are all for getting messy, using imagination to create something new out of the craft supplies you have.

Entertaining them with crafts is defiantly the way to go. Making little brown paper bag puppets, to sock puppets, as well as making kites if you have the right supplies.

Every year we have the same summer vacation. Some places start summer vacation early and start school in august, but here wear I live, summer vacation for schools start after June 27 until September 7 ( or after depending on Labor Day). Entertaining kids doesn’t have to be a chore, I know you got this Parents!!!

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