Breastfeeding Struggles and How to Overcome Them

Ah, breastfeeding. Everyone says it is the best thing for our infants. What no one talks about is the struggles you face as a parent who just pushed a human out, and now have to figure out how to feed it.

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When my son was born, I struggled a lot. Every time he fed, it was like someone was stabbing my breast. It hurt. When we were in the hospital, the nurses told me to hold my son in the football hold.

The football hold of breastfeeding

Trust me, it felt so uncomfortable. Then, I would readjust him to find a comfortable position, and the nurses would tell me to go back to that hold, because it was better for the baby. I would tell them it hurt, but no one listened.

Breastfeeding is a struggle in itself. The difficulty latching, the milk not coming down, mastitis, and even when they grow teeth!

Now, I am not saying that I know what its like after 3 months of doing it, because I don’t. I stopped breastfeeding because my doctor didn’t want to put me on birth control while still breastfeeding.

I am going to talk about the different struggles today and how to overcome them in my experience.

Struggle 1: Holding

There are different ways to hold a baby. the football hold (as shown above), the cradle, shoulder hold, bum hold, lap hold, etc. the only way to overcome this struggle is to find whatever way is comfortable to you, and use it. Breastfed babies only are as long as they are getting milk. they know how to breathe, but you have to make sure that you aren’t blocking their only airway while they are eating.

Struggle 2: Cracked nipples

Ah, cracked nipples. Cracked nipples happen when the baby’s position or the latch is poor. When you correct the position or the latch, you can help alleviate the pain.

A way to help sooth the cracked nipples while not breastfeeding, use lanisoh. Its a nipple cream designed to help soothe the nipples, moisturize and the benefit is, you don’t have to wipe it off for the next session!

Its safe for baby to ingest as it doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives, additives or petroleum. Baby won’t notice.

Struggle 3: Mastitis

Do you ever get heavy sore, and hot breasts? This happens when a milk duct is clogged that it causes a back up which leads to infection. It hurts, like a son of a b***h.

There are ways around it, as well as handling it when it happens. Making sure that all the milk is let out is one way, but also making sure that you feed your baby on time.

I know it sometimes is hard or not in the best of situations to get to feed your baby, but when your breasts get rock hard, its time to feed that baby!

If you’re at home, and you just fed baby, and you are dealing with sore breast, you can pump the breast or, hop in the shower and massage the breast.

Struggle 4: Breastmilk Change

Breast milk changes colour to fit the dietary needs of your infant. When you are sick, the milk changes to give the immunity antibodies to the baby, so they don’t get sick.

Also when your baby is sick, it also changes as well to help provide the beneficial nutrients to help baby get better. There isn’t anything to fear, its normal and its not really a struggle, but I know that first time moms like myself, tend to freak out when we don’t know what is going on.

Everybody’s struggles are different. Remember that if you are struggling, its okay to reach out for help. You have a huge community to support you in everything you do.

Don’t listen to the haters or the people who push “breastfed is best”. If you have to supplement with formula, thats okay. A fed baby is a happy baby!

A fed baby is a happy baby

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