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My husband, Kiefer, and I a few years prior
My son, Lukas
Crystal Brunsdon

I love to write

and help other business owners manage their businesses.

What I blog about

My Story

I am a baking and parenting blogger, writing about my experiences.


Dreaming about the next time you have just five minutes to yourself or even what kind of treats you can whip up in a jiffy. 

Struggling to figure out what to make for dinner or even breakfast. Rushing out the door with a bagel in your mouth and mismatched shoes because you’re late to a meeting after struggling to get the kids ready for school.

Hi, my name is Crystal and I created this blog for parents who struggle to figure out what to make for dinner, what I personally do to deal with picky eaters and for those times you want something sweet. 

I am also a virtual assistant with over 12 years experience with scheduling, making phone calls and with basic training in accounting, project management and business management.

Before this blog, I had many types of jobs, from fast food to warehouse work. I actually started working on this blog while I was on a mental health break from working at the warehouse! 

I worked many different hours before the warehouse job, before I became a mom. Then my little boy was born in 2017. I struggled to find a job that would allow me to work while also taking care of a new baby. I hopped from job to job, never feeling satisfied. 

Now my boy is no longer a baby, I thought that I could do earlier hours. Boy, was I wrong. Daycare didn’t open until 7 in the morning, and my shifts started at 7 in the morning. 

I spent the last 2 months, struggling to figure out what I could do so I could stay at home with this boy. I came up this.

I am here to help parents figure out dinner ideas, on budget, how I deal with my picky eater and adding a little something sweet.