10 Healthy Self-Care Ideas This Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I have a few ways that I spend it. Some of the ideas is to get ready for easter, maybe a little self-care, and maybe a little spring cleaning. However you spend the beginning of spring is up to you.

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self-care with books and tea

Looking at my previous years, I’ve noticed that I have always done the same thing over and over again. Which is self-care. I’ve always done some form of self-care in the ways of cleaning my house for more feeing shey, or even taking a bath with candles and a book to relax.

My husband is the same way, we have our ways but in reality, we always do the same thing. Now that we have been parents for the last 4 years, we have established a routine of decluttering and cleaning our home for a better way of feeling better. Most times at this time of year we also smudge our place as well. My husband is Metis Cree and we use smudging as part of his culture. Smudging has been a part of Native American culture for generations and is considered a closed practice unless you have personally been invited to practice it.

At east that’s what I have been told about the culture. If you wish to know more, please request to visit Native American land to obtain more information.

Self-Care Idea 1:

The first step in realizing you need self-care is to get yourself ready for it. Plan for it in advance. The best self-care is never spontaneous, but rather planned so that you can let other family members you live with know that you are taking time for yourself.

Get a planner, or use your calendar app in your phone and schedule that time. It can be once a week, once a month, or even a few times a year. As long as you plan for it and never double book yourself (like I have in the past). You will be golden.

When planning your self-care hour or day, make sure you plan all the details. For example, if you are planning a spa date for yourself, schedule when you want the day to happen, then schedule in your calendar time to book said day at specific spa. Best practice is to book a month in advance. Some places require at least 30 days notice in order to work around their consultants and beauticians schedules.

Self-Care Idea 2:

This next idea is a great idea for those introverts out there. I am talking about rest and relaxation. It can be as complex as setting yourself up for a spa date, as mentioned above, or as simple as just reading a book with a cup of tea.

Now you might think that this isn’t an idea at all. You might be right, depending on who you talk to. For me, I am an introvert. I prefer reading to social activities, activities that require staying in rather than going out into the world of people. For my husband, his relaxation techniques result in video games and watching movies, or even visiting friends. He’s an extrovert.

For you, it might include having some quality time to your self, or even a day with your family indoors. It’s totally up to you.

Self-Care Idea 3:

Take a leisurely walk without an end goal. When you walk with a goal in mind, you are focusing on completing that goal. However, when you walk without a goal in mind, you focus more on the scenery around you.

Take a leisurely walk in a beautiful park like VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver, or even Stanley Park. I love recommending parks in my area because this is where I have lived for most of my life. I can’t say where I will end up in the future, but I know that we probably won’t be staying in Surrey.

Taking a walk without an end goal allows you to focus more on what is currently on your mind and how you can solve those problems you have had a hard time focusing on.

Self-Care Idea 4:

If you have a balcony or even a porch, go sit on it for a while. Bring a cup of coffee or tea, a book and just sit and enjoy the sound of birds singing in the air or, if your porch/balcony faces the rising or setting sun, enjoy those early morning sunrises or sunsets. Especially if you are a mother like me. If I was a morning person, I would watch the sunrise and enjoy a cup a coffee before my son woke up.

What is even better is if you have a tin roof, and you love the sound of rain pattering on the roof. It sounds heavenly. My father-in-law has a metal overhang over his patio, and as a family, sometimes on cold nights, we would all sit outside and enjoy the sound of the rain while sitting in front of his fire table.

Self-Care Idea 5:

Sit in a coffee shop and treat yourself to a lovely and luxurious drink. Maybe a drink you’ve been wanting to try but were too afraid to try. As you sip and enjoy your drink, you can people watch, or like me, type out (or write out) your thoughts in a journal. So, because I work from home, I can work from anywhere, to be honest. I can choose to work from my bedroom, where my office is, or I can work from my local Tim Hortons, while sipping on my extremely sweet Triple Triple coffee.

What’s even better is you can bring your significant other with you as you explore different and unique coffee shops around your area. It’s always good when you can bring your family or your date out with you as you enjoy your self-care.

Self-Care Idea 6:

f it is a beautiful day and there are clouds in the sky, then I recommend laying in the grass and just watching the clouds go by. Hell, you might even pass out. I do want to mention that this is best when you have kids either in daycare or even if your SO is watching them, if you need to get away for a little bit.

If you want to make this a joint effort, take your best friend or even your SO when your kids aren’t home, and talk about what shapes the clouds take.

Self-Care Idea 7:

Bake. Just bake. When I bake, I love to get all my feelings out into the dough or batter. I always feel better when I make something with my own 2 hands (with the help of my stand mixer). You can even just bake for the fun of it and get to enjoy the fruits of your own labour after.

After a long stressing day, I always flip out at my husband and make him to be the bad guy when in reality, I’ve just had a bad day. He always tells me to do something that brings me joy, which is baking and crocheting.

Self-Care Idea 8:

Linking back to sea number 7, when you do a hobby you love, you are performing an act of self-care. You might do it for yourself, or even you make things with your hands for others. This idea is all about hobbies. If you don’t have a hobby at the moment, I suggest you take the time to figure out what it is that you love to do and you would use it to make yourself feel better.

My hobbies are crocheting, baking and reading. I used to do knitting, but man, that took forever to get even halfway of what took me less time crocheting. I may not sell my crocheting yet but it’s because I am still learning the different stitches and different ways of making things.

Self-Care Idea 9:

Take the time to make yourself feel good. Whether that is putting on makeup, dressing up or even just dancing. When I put on makeup, I am not dressing up for my husband, I am dressing up to make myself feel better about myself. I always hear about me dressing up from my husband when someone complains about me wearing makeup for other people. He comes to me, or calls me to find out why I am dressing up and I always tell him, either I am dressing up for him or I am having a down day and that I needed to make myself feel better.

Self-Care Idea 10:

Unplug. Yeah, that’s right. I said unplug. I have a difficult time of this myself, but when you unplug from any and all electronic devices and find other activities to do, you always feel so much better. When I was reading The Compound Effect, the author mentioned that when someone is constantly listening to negative news all day, they tend to thing negatively.

I hate to mention this, but my mother-in-law is a prime example of this. She is always working and never takes a day off for herself. She doesn’t unplug and she is constantly listening to the news every day and not just listening, reading it on Facebook as well. So when she visits us, all she’s talking about is the negative things she’s read or heard of.

Self-care is always hard work. You never know when it’s going to happen, which is why you need to plan it in advance, especially if you are a working parent. Its tough to just spontaneously take the time to give yourself a bubble bath, or even just unwind with a book when you work constantly. I am also talking about the stay at home parents too.

My blog has never been about just stay at home moms. I am gender inclusive. Anybody can be a parent, regardless of their gender. However, when you don’t make time for yourself, you set yourself up for disaster. I am talking about meltdowns, anger outbursts, and more.

I may not be the best blogger out there, but I speak from experience. What other self-care ideas can you think of? Comment below!

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