Running low on steam, losing your passion?

I can help. I am a virtual assistant with over 12 years of experience in general administration work, with 1 year of college learning about business administration and management.

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On this page you will find posts parenting, mental health and recipes.

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I am a virtual assistant that helps other business add more time into their day, so that they can spend more time with family and doing what they love.



Welcome friend.

I am a small-time blogger with much to give. I love to write about my passions, and showing other people what I have learned. I want to provide for you, the lessons I have learned, tips and tricks about parenting, baking and mental health. We all have different views on these topics, but this site is all about my opinion and my views.

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Baking Raider Momma

Blog Topics


This page is all about parenting. Here you will find various posts on parenting tips and tricks.


Mental Health

Here you will find posts on mental health and ways to combat it healthily.



This page will have delicious recipes as well as tips and tricks.

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